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The Top 5 Wallpaper Trends for 2019

2019 is almost upon us and while we can’t believe how fast 2018 flew by, we are more than excited to share our thoughts for the new year. From wallpaper on the “5th wall” to stylish geometrics, here is our list for the top five 2019 wallpaper trends!

Contemporary floral wallpaper designs

For the most part, floral wallpaper tends to emphasize a more classical or traditional approach to imagery. From Nina Hancock’s English Garden in the Brockhall collection to the always popular Almond Blossom print in the Van Gogh collection, floral wallpaper has long held its image as a timeless wallpaper category. Floral wallpaper is what you use when you watch a touch of historic elegance or sophistication.

However, our first 2019 wallpaper trend is all about turning old-fashioned floral patterns on its head and using alternative floral wallpaper designs. These are floral imagery that uses different design styles to create wallpaper that is entirely contemporary. Think more along the lines of minimalist, stylized trees, such as the black and white Loft wallpaper shown above, where you get the sense of the floral or nature-themed imagery done in a modern aesthetic. One of our top picks for floral wallpaper in 2019 has to be Tropical Tessellation, a unique combination of palm leaves set within geometric shapes. And that brings us to our next 2019 wallpaper trend…

Hexagons: our new favorite geometric shape

Move over squares, circles, triangles, and diamonds - 2019 is the year of the hexagon! From residential wallpaper to digital prints, we know we’ll be seeing a lot more hexagonal designs showing up. It’s a much more complex shape than the others that are more commonly used in wallpaper designs. It’s quite versatile too and can be used on its own for a more minimalist look, or combined with other imagery to create something truly unique.

Some wallpaper styles use hexagons as a frame, giving it a flatter 2D appearance, while others, like the Weathered Geometric digital mural above, play with perspective to create a 3D look. There’s something complex yet refined about the hexagon and that’s why it’s our new favorite geometric shape for wallpaper patterns.

Deep, rich color palettes

Just what colors can we expect to see coming to the forefront in 2019? In 2018, Pantone’s color of the year, Ultra Violet, added a splash of dark romanticism to the interior space. This was offset with a lot of wallpaper designers coming out with lighter, pastel tones. A 2019 wallpaper trend we see for next year is the continuation of deeper color tones but spread across other colors as well. Navy blue shades, burnt red, mustard yellow, forest green – we’re excited to see deep, rich color palettes within the interior space.

Colors can affect the mood of the space, and dark color tones are no exception. Lighter colors tend to create a welcoming, optimistic aesthetic. Darker colors create a cozy atmosphere and depending on the chosen color, can range from romantic to mysterious.

Embracing a minimalist look

On one hand, you have the simple elegance of white wallpaper. It’s versatile, flexible, and easy to use. On the other hand, strong bold colors make a major impact on the space, imbuing the atmosphere with a different type of energy. Who says you need to choose one or the other? A 2019 wallpaper trend we see is the combination of strong colors with a minimalist approach.

Setting a multi-colored pattern on a plain white background is an excellent way to keep the wallpaper from becoming an overwhelming mess of colors. Wallpapers like the watercolor floral print from the Atelier collection or the bird-themed print from the Christian Fischbacher collection use a variety of colors to create a feast for the eyes. This is offset with the plain background, crafting the perfect balance of color and complexity.

Wallpaper for everyone, wallpaper everywhere

Wallpaper is used to make a statement and our final 2019 wallpaper trend takes this to the extreme. Have you heard of the 5th wall? This refers to the ceiling and before you ask, yes, you can put wallpaper on your ceiling. Ceiling wallpaper is just one way to create a visually striking space, one that will stand out among the crowd. What makes ceiling wallpaper such a unique trend? It’s the fact that it brings in the “other” wall in the space to create a more unified look. Not often do we ever have reason to look up, and we think it’s about time we stopped neglecting the other wall in the room.

Choosing the right ceiling wallpaper is similar to choosing a design for a feature wall. You want a mid to large-scale design that will be visible at a distance. With ceiling wallpaper, designers can think outside the box and go wild with vibrant colors and inventive designs – in fact, we encourage it!

2019 wallpaper trends will test your creativity

And there you have it – our top five picks for wallpaper trends in 2019. Whether you’re looking at new colors, imaginative takes on traditional wallpaper themes, or wallpapering “non-traditional” walls, 2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year for interior designers!