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Why Designers Should Use Contract Wallpaper in Their Next Project

Posted on November 29 2018


Today, designers have a lot of wall décor products to choose from. Whether your next design project is for a small retail store or a large salon/spa, making a space feel unified and stylish is key. While paint is often used to add color to the space, it often doesn’t last as long as contract-quality wallcoverings and paint offers fewer functional benefits. Paint also doesn’t have that high-end, designer look unlike contract wallcoverings, which imbue the space with a specific aesthetic thanks to its patterns. In this article, let’s talk about why designers should use contract wallpaper in their next project!


Blending Style, Versatility, and Functionality

Contract wallcoverings have a variety of commercial applications and we’ll be discussing some of the key features that make them beneficial to different design projects. In general, wallpaper is meant to add a unique personality or characteristic to the space in a way that regular paint cannot. Contract wallcoverings truly are a blend of style, versatility and functionality. Whether you’re looking for a specific wallpaper color or theme, contract wallcoverings have a way of completely transforming the space, making it more dramatic.

Of course, contract-quality wallcoverings are much different than home or residential wallpaper. While you can use contract wallcoverings within the home, commercial projects require more specialized wall décor products, such as contract wallpaper.



Contract Wallcoverings for Retail Stores and Restaurants

For commercial spaces like retail stores and restaurants, the branding and image of the business is important. Designers can use contract wallcoverings and even type II digital wallcoverings to differentiate a brand from others, helping them stand out among the crowd. When creating a unique environment, designers should look to wallcoverings. This is one major reason why wallpapers have an advantage over paint – it’s an on-trend wall décor product that is not only durable, but stylish. From faux effects wallcoverings that mimic real life materials as a fraction of the cost to textures wallcoverings that add a polished look to the space, contract wallcoverings provide that special aesthetic for commercial design projects.




Contract Wallcoverings for Senior Living Spaces, Hotels, and Condos

Whether for short or long term stay, people want to feel at home in spaces such as senior living, hotels, and condos or apartments. Designers can use contract wallcoverings to create an environment that’s not only welcoming, but comfortable yet engaging as well. Much has been written about the psychology of color and how various colors can impact the mood or atmosphere of the room. Browsing through our extensive contract wallcovering collection by colors is just one way designers can easily find what they need. Warmer colors, such as beige, brown, and orange create a cozy look, while softer colors like pastels have a more light-hearted aesthetic. Unlike paint that typically doesn’t age well, contract wallcoverings have a high lightfastness rating, meaning the colors will stay sharp for years to come. 



Contract Wallcoverings for Hospitality, Healthcare, Salons and Spas

For commercial applications where cleanliness is key, designers will want to use a wall décor product that provides peace of mind. Look for wallcoverings that feature a BioPruf treated surface, which is an antimicrobial protection agent found on many modern contract wallcoverings produced today. It’s a special surface that mitigates the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold. This makes contract wallcoverings the perfect wall décor product for commercial applications such as hospitality, healthcare, and salon and spas. In addition, products that are washable or fully scrubbable are easy to maintain and clean. Whether or not a contract wallcovering product has these features can be found on the wallpaper symbols included on each roll.



Contract Wallcoverings for Corporate/Business and Education

Many type II wallcoverings are not only stylish and versatile, but has an innate durability that’s built to last even in the toughest of environments. In many design projects, the commercial spaces are high traffic areas that see a lot of visitors walking through the space. With a simple coat of paint, even minor scrapes, scratches, and dents can look obvious and unpleasant. However, contract wallcoverings are generally thicker than residential wallpaper, providing a more substantial buffer that protects against any major damage.


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