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Using 3D Wallpaper Designs To Create Depth

Posted on November 13 2018

Whether designers are dealing with a small room that needs the perfect wallpaper style or just want to add a special visual effect to the space, 3D wallpaper patterns can come in handy. The use of intricate detailing, shading, and simulated lighting effects all contributes to wallpaper imagery that seemingly “pops” off the walls. In this article, let’s take a look at some versatile yet trendy three dimensional wallpaper patterns.


One common wallpaper theme where designers can find 3D wallpaper designs is in the geometric wallpaper category. These patterns are often extremely versatile and flexible, making them the perfect fit for any room, whether it’s a small powder room or a large hallway space. 3D Grid is a wallpaper pattern that uses “indented” rectangles to create its small-scale compact visual. Thanks to the shadowing effect in the top left corner of the rectangles, designers can get that subtle 3D effect that provides a sense of depth with its concave look. 3D grid wallpaper is also available in white and dark beige.


3D wallpaper designs are meant to “pop” off the surface, making it stand out from the flat expanse of the wall. While many floral wallpaper designs emphasize a more traditional or classic aesthetic, using a 3D style gives the pattern a more modern look. This white 3D floral wallpaper adds a contemporary touch to the space, balancing a complex image with a simple minimalist color scheme. With its detailed look, designers may want to use this as a feature wall. Its addition of a 3D effect creates a stunning visual finish that would be the centerpiece of any room.


On a similar note, digital print mural wallpapers offer designers a world of innovation and creativity (to learn more about designing your own custom digital mural, click here). Origami 3D Roses wallpaper features large-scale paper floral blossoms that really feel as if they’re bursting off from the wall. The photographic rendering allows for crisp, quality imagery resulting in high definition shadows and lighting effect. The sense of depth is brought to real life, making the space feel more alive and open.


For interior designers looking for all the latest wallpaper trends, we’ve got you covered. In our list of the top 5 wallpaper trends for 2019, we talked about how geometric wallpapers featuring hexagons are the next on-trend design. With our next 3D wallpaper pick, we have a gorgeous brown geometric print that adds a sense of warmth to the space. The illusion of depth here not only uses lighting and shadow, but also combines smaller triangles that “rise” up to form a larger geometric shape.


For a similar look that’s more subtle, 3D Geometries Wallpaper also uses triangles to create the illusion of depth. It doesn’t quite “pop” off the walls as the previous example, but it still has the illusion of depth for designers who want a more minimalist look. Featured above in a dusty orange, 3D Geometries is available in 10 diverse colors that will give designers that much needed burst of color in the room.


Moving back to digital prints, Abstract Dimensional Rings is a large-scale geometric mural featuring interlocking circles. With angled lighting and a heavy drop shadow, the geometric pieces look as if they’re floating on the plain blue background. This minimalist look works best as a feature wall, adding a cool contemporary look to the space. Pair this with a plain textured blue wallpaper to create a more unified theme throughout the room!


Next up is 3D Geometric Field, which not only creates the illusion of depth on the walls, but height as well. The stacked cubes create a sense of verticality, making this perfect for smaller rooms or those with shorter walls. Here, the sense of depth is created not with shadows and lighting but with how the shapes are arranged and the slight variations of color used – the left side of the cube uses a beige with a yellow undertone, the top of the cube has a beige with a grayer undertone, while the right side of the cube uses a very light beige. All of this contributes to a highly modern, simplistic design that’s perfect for adding depth to the walls.


It’s not just lighting and shading that creates the illusion of a 3D image. Sometimes, it’s also a switch in perspective that creates the feeling of depth or in this case, height. Many of the newest digital murals in our collection feature a bird’s eye perspective of the landscape, whether it’s a road in the middle of winter or an overhead look of Thailand. What’s interesting about the digital print featured above is its inclusion of a skyscraper, which strengthens the feeling of being up high.

Another perspective that adds depth to the walls is the sense of length or horizontal distance, which the two digital murals above portray. By stretching the scenery, the walls look more like open space rather than a flat surface. What’s so unique about digital prints is their photorealism made possible through high quality printing processes that capture every minute detail. Since designers have the option to edit the image scale, choosing to use a digital print can really customize the interior space.


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