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The Difference Between Vinyl and Digital Contract Wallcoverings

Posted on November 15 2018


From restaurants and retail stores to hotel lobbies and healthcare centers, contract wallcoverings have a wide variety of applications that transform drab rooms into spectacular spaces. At Prime Walls, we categorize our extensive collection of contract wallpaper in a number of ways so designers can find the exact products they need. Whether it’s wallpaper theme or color, our catalog features some of the most stylish wallpaper trends to hit the market. One category designers will want to explore is contract wallcovering materials.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the major differences between vinyl wallcoverings and digital wallcoverings and why designers might want to use one over the other.

Vinyl Wallcoverings



Straightforward And Easy To Use

Sold in rolls, vinyl wallcoverings are among the most common type of wall décor for commercial spaces. On the other hand, digital wallcoverings are sold in panels with each panel coming together to form the full image. In other words, each panel of a digital wallcovering features a different section of the overall image. Vinyl wallcoverings feature repeating patterns that range from geometric and damask to faux effects (like brick and wood) and textures. Patterns are available in a set colorway established by the manufacturer. Designers who want to explore all of the color variations can use Prime Wall’s search bar and type in the pattern name and/or collection, such as “Metropol Parasol”. For designers who already know exactly what they’re looking for, vinyl wallcoverings are a more straightforward choice.



Mix And Match

Vinyl contract wallcoverings are much more flexible in terms of its usage. While digital wallcoverings are generally used as a single feature wall, vinyl wallcoverings can be used in a similar manner or throughout the entire space. This allows designers to mix and match different vinyl wallcoverings to greater effect, creating a unified look. While textures wallcoverings have a more subtle design, these plain patterns can be used with other vinyl wallcovering themes, such as faux effects. Alternatively, using the same pattern in two different colors can create an out-of-the-box look that makes a space stand out.



Vinyl Is Versatile

While digital wallcoverings are great for making a big statement, sometimes designers are looking for something a little different with their products. Vinyl wallcoverings are versatile and allow for the addition of further wall décor. While you wouldn’t exactly cover up a digital wallcovering with other artwork, large shelves, or other furniture items, vinyl wallcoverings can be used to add style to the space while remaining flexible. Since digital wallcoverings are meant to be the center of attention, designers should use them on walls where visitors can have a clear view of it. Vinyl wallcoverings are more versatile and can be used to add a splash of color and style. For example, the walls of a retail space are generally covered with merchandise but designers may still want to add a vibrant backdrop through vinyl wallcoverings.



Budget Friendly Prices

Whether designers are working on a large-scale project or a smaller one, Prime Wall’s vinyl wallcoverings are a budget friendly option that fits a variety of applications and needs. At under $40 per linear yard, designers can get that high-end look and top tier quality at a low-cost. Even at a cost-effective price, our type II contract wallcoverings fit commercial standards and fire regulations (to learn more about our commercial wallpaper flammability reports, see the bottom of this page). Part of shopping at Prime Walls is knowing designers will have peace of mind when using our contract wallcoverings!


Digital Wallcoverings


Edit Your Digital Wallcoverings

Like digital wallpaper murals for residential spaces, digital wallcoverings offer designers freedom of expression and a chance to really showcase their creativity. Unlike with traditional wallcoverings, digital wallcoverings can be edited in a variety of ways, such as changing the image scale for a close-up perspective or one that’s zoomed out. Designers may want to add a quote or edit the colors to further personalize the image for their client or project. Each edit makes the digital wallcovering truly one of a kind!



Think Outside The Box With Your Digital Mural

Generally, the images used for digital wallcoverings are non-repetitive, so designers can also use this to their advantage to create artistic wall pieces that don’t rely on covering the entire wall. Whereas vinyl wallcoverings are versatile with where they are used, digital wallcoverings are versatile with how they are used. Designers can think of digital murals as a piece of wall art, one that grabs people’s attention the moment the step into the room.



Choose From Over 50 Different Substrates

With digital wallcoverings, designers can select the wallpaper substrate the image will be printed on. We’ve written a brief guide, Everything You Need To Know About Prime Wall’s Digital Substrates, which goes over each one and the types of images they’re suitable for.


From highly textured substrates, like Tight Weave, to reflective materials such as Gold, each type II substrate brings something special to the table, further transforming the image. Since creating a digital contract wallcovering is a collaborative process, our in-house designers are more than happy to answer questions regarding our many substrates.


Photographic Realism

There’s no denying that part of the allure of using digital wallcoverings is because of their stunning visuals. State of the art printing technology results in images that are highly realistic, capturing every meticulous detail, whether it’s the leaves of a forest or the magnified edges of feathers. The rich colors bring a vibrant energy to the atmosphere, transforming the space in a way that’s completely different from vinyl wallcoverings. Digital contract wallcoverings are the perfect choice for designers who have a realistic image and want to portray it as faithfully as possible.


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