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Digital Prints Substrate Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Prime Wall’s Digital Substrates

 prime walls digital substrate binder

Using advanced digital printing techniques on wallcoverings results in a stunning, custom product that will completely transform the interior space. Now more than ever, the possibilities are truly endless as interior designers can customize their own digital murals to create something that really is one-of-a-kind.

Our convenient binder, Prime Wall’s Digital Substrate Guide, is a showcase that combines timeless style with high-quality substrates. The images are owned by Prime Walls and can be further customized based on your project’s specific needs. From non-woven substrates suitable for residential design projects to type II substrates perfect for commercial settings, the wide variety of choices available will help designers achieve their project goals.

In addition to the substrates included in the Digital Substrate Guide binder, printing can also be done on grasscloth, an environmentally-friendly substrate that uses natural materials. Other substrates are also available upon request.

Brief Overview of Prime Wall’s Substrates

With over 50 substrates available, choosing the perfect one for your design project may seem like an impossible task. However, we’re here to simplify the process. In addition to the letter-sized samples in the binder, we’ve also written a brief overview of the different substrates we carry. Although there are specific images assigned to each substrate, you can mix and match whichever image you’d like with whichever substrate you’d like – there are no limits.

COPPER | Type II | 54” wide

With a metallic surface, the glossy sheen of our Copper type II substrate certainly has a glamorous appeal. When images are printed onto the surface, tiny flecks of the background still shows through, creating a unique effect unlike most other substrates. Digital images that work well with the Copper substrate include those that are minimalist in design and ones where a subtle metallic sheen would be a welcome addition.

VINYL (PEELABLE) | Adhesive backed, removable | 54” wide

The ultimate in wall decorating convenience makes an appearance in our Digital Substrate Guide. This vinyl substrate features a removable backing to reveal an easy-to-install product that designers can stick to the walls – it’s that easy. No need for messy glue or any other adhesive!

PEARL | Type II | 54” wide

Perfect for use in commercial settings, Pearl is a type II substrate featuring a low gloss, off-white colored surface. This particular substrate is perfect for designers who are looking to create a custom project with a subtle sheen, much like an actual pearl.

DECAL | Adhesive backed, removable | 54” wide

Our decals offer designers a high degree of customization options and are best suited for isolated or single images, rather than an entire mural (for digital murals with an adhesive backing, see our Vinyl (Peelable) substrate). Some examples of applications for decals include a cartoon giraffe to be placed on the walls of a child’s bedroom or a large company logo.

LINEN | Fabric | 36” wide

With a highly textured surface featuring threaded white linen, this particular substrate gives images a classical, historic aesthetic with a subtle blurred look. Our linen substrate is not recommended for designs including text or patterns that focus on sharp, smooth lines, like geometrics.

REFLECT | Type II | 54” wide

With a highly reflective and shiny surface, Reflect is a type II substrate suitable for commercial applications. Similar to our Copper type II substrate, digital images printed on the Reflect substrate will have a subtle shimmering effect. This makes it a great choice for spaces where there is a lot of light (whether artificial or natural) as the mural can truly shine!

STITCHED | Type II | 52” wide

With an embossed surface, Stitched has a textured, tactile look and feel that gives the walls a sense of character. Whereas color tends to bleed on our Linen substrate (making it better suited for images with a classical or historic theme), printing colors on our Stitched substrate retains its sharpness and clarity. This makes it the better choice for contemporary themes, like geometric, or images with crisp, thin lines.

NON-WOVEN (MATTE) | 18.3” wide

With a flatter surface compared to our regular non-woven substrate, our matte non-woven substrate is truly versatile when it comes to printing digital images. In particular, it excels at showcasing complex digital images with a large degree of color gradations and/or crisp, thin lines.

NON-WOVEN | 20” wide

With a slightly stippled surface that adds a textured look to the surface, our non-woven substrate is highly versatile and flexible when it comes to digital printing. Using a combination of synthetic and natural fibers, this non-woven substrate is washable. Its breathability also makes it an excellent choice for humid spaces, like bathrooms and kitchens.

AQUA ACRYLIC | 20” wide

With a surface texture similar to sandpaper, Aqua Acrylic is a scrub-resistant, washable substrate. Just as versatile and flexible as non-woven substrates in terms of the variety of digital printing that can be accomplished, Aqua Acrylic is slightly thicker, making it even more durable and sound absorbent.

PLASTER | Type II | 54” wide

With a heavily textured look that resembles the look and feel of plaster, this type II substrate is suitable for commercial use. This particular substrate is great for designers who are looking to create an authentic look for their faux effect designs. Faux effect patterns such as brick, concrete, wood, and of course, plaster, gain a heightened sense of realism with this textured substrate.

DRY PAINT | Type II | 54” wide

Whereas our Plaster type II substrate mimics the look and feel of plaster, Dry Paint – as its name implies – simulates the look that streaks of paint have on the walls. This is a highly textured surface, adding a tactile look or “roughness” to the final printed digital image.

WRINKLED | Type II | 54” wide

With a subtle embossed surface, Wrinkled is a type II substrate featuring horizontal raised textures to create a unique look. Adding another dimension to your digitally printed images, our Wrinkled substrate adds a subtle personality and character to the walls. The simplicity of the textures makes it truly versatile – a great choice for any type or image theme!

TIGHT WEAVE | Type II | 54” wide

Featuring a dense embossed pattern, this type II substrate adds a heavy textured look to your walls. Similar to our Linen substrate, Tight Weave is an excellent choice for classic or historic themes, such as paintings and portraits. This particular substrate is perfect for designers looking to create a “painterly” look with their digital image.

FIBER | Type II | 54” wide

To give your printed digital images a more rustic flair, Fiber is a type II substrate featuring a subtle textured look that mimics the look of natural fibers. The thin lines weave together across the surface, emphasizing a tactile appearance and feel. The naturalistic look makes it an excellent substrate for nature-inspired themes, such as trees and landscapes.

FLAX | Type II | 54” wide

With a heavily textured surface that immediately stands out, Flax is a type II substrate suitable for commercial applications and settings. The raised textures add a high degree of dimensionality and physicality to the printed image, making it “pop” off the walls. Because of its rugged surface, Flax is better suited for larger images viewed at a distance.

CUBIC | Type II | 54” wide

Cubic is a type II substrate that features a highly structured textured surface. This substrate is perfect for use with contemporary images or themes, such as geometrics. Because of the uniformity of the cubed surface, digital images using straight lines will have an additional modern flair using this substrate. The textured surface is very apparent, which can also benefit more abstract designs.

CONCRETE | Type II | 54” wide

Simulating the stippled surface of real concrete, this type II substrate is an excellent choice for designers who want a subtle texture to go along with their digitally printed image. The light gray coloring of the substrate makes it an obvious choice for concrete-themed faux effect images.

DIMPLED | 54” wide

With a subtle textured surface, this versatile substrate adds an embossed look to any digital print image. The Dimpled substrate features 31% post-consumer recycled content, making it a sustainable, eco-friendly wall décor selection for interior designers. This particular substrate is eligible for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits.

AIRY | 58” wide

With a smooth surface, our Airy substrate is perfect for digital images with intense colors or complex color design. Even the smallest of color changes or gradations are accurately represented, resulting in a stunning digital mural. The matte surface means minimal shine, putting the emphasis on the digital image.

MATTE | Type II | 54” wide

Crisp, clear colors are represented beautifully on our Matte substrate, a type II product that’s suitable for commercial projects. Printing digital images on this smooth surface results in gorgeous imagery where even the smallest of details are accurately rendered. This Matte substrate is an excellent choice for complex imagery or ones with intense or shifting color palettes.

PHOTOGRAPH | 54”, 60”, and 85” wide

With a semi-translucent surface, Photograph is an interesting substrate that will make any room look even more unique. The ultra smooth surface allows for highly complex images to be printed without the loss of smaller details. The smooth plastic surface has a contemporary aesthetic.

GOLD | Type II | 54” wide

With a highly reflective golden surface, designers can easily use this type II substrate to create a luxurious, glamorous look in any space. Digital images printed on this substrate will retain some of the gold coloring as small flecks still shine through. This particular substrate works best in areas with a lot of lighting, whether it’s artificial or natural light.

NOIR | Type II | 54” wide

Noir is a type II substrate containing a glossy black background with small flecks of white dots randomly scattered across the surface. Suitable for commercial applications and settings, Noir can be a creative backdrop for digital images with transparent backgrounds.

ALUMINUM | Type II | 54” wide

The shiny surface beautifully reflects light, making Aluminum a luxurious, glamorous choice for any commercial space. With this substrate, designers can truly get creative and make a one-of-a-kind look. Consider using digital images with transparent or empty sections and let the unprinted substrate shine through.

BRONZE | 29” wide

An excellent choice for traditional classic or historic themes, Bronze is a 29” wide substrate that creates an eye-catching sepia tone. The smooth texture makes it a good choice for complex imagery with a lot of small details or thin lines. Because of its naturally dark color, consider using images that are on the brighter side as the colors will mix well with the substrate.

METALLIC FIBER | Type II | 54” wide

Combining a highly reflective surface with a subtle fiber texture, this type II commercial substrate is perfect for designers who want their digital image to have a subtle sheen to it. With the visual flair of the substrate’s shine and tactile appearance of the embossed surface, Metallic Fiber does it all!

GOLD GLASS | Type II | 54” wide

For a truly luxurious, high-end look, Gold Glass is a type II substrate that is absolutely stunning. It features a dense, compact layer of faux glassbeads across the surface, creating a shimmering effect that absolutely sparkles when exposed to artificial or natural light. Because of its highly textured surface, our Gold Glass substrate is best used for imagery where there isn’t a lot of smaller details or fine lines.

SILVER GLASS | Type II | 54” wide

Similar to our Gold Glass type II substrate, Silver Glass also uses faux glassbeads to create a highly textured, sparkly surface. Best used in areas with a lot of artificial or natural lighting, designers looking to add that special touch to their digital images should consider the tactile shine of this substrate.

SHAGRIN | Type II | 54” wide

With a metallic surface, Shagrin is a substrate suitable for commercial use and applications. The highly textured surface gives the digital image an added sense of physicality and character. The combination of texture and shine makes it a good choice for contemporary or modern images and themes, such as geometric or abstract.

CANVAS | 62”, 96”, 126” wide

Available in a variety of widths, our substrate turns your walls into an expansive and artistic canvas for your digital print. With a subtle textured surface, our Canvas substrate is not only versatile in terms of its usage, but the actual material is soft and flexible as well.

FABRIC (PEELABLE) | Adhesive backed, removable | 60” wide

Similar to our Vinyl (peelable) product, this substrate features a removable backing. With no need for messy paste, installation is as easy as removing the back and sticking it on the walls! The main difference between Vinyl (peelable) and Fabric (peelable) is that this one has a very subtle texture simulating the look and feel of fabric material.

BANNER | 54”, 126”, 192” wide

With its grid-like patterning, this Banner substrate gives digital images a modern aesthetic. The smooth white surface makes colors “pop,” and is an excellent choice for digital images with intense or complex color palettes.

ECO | 54”, 122” wide

This PVC-free substrate is thinner than many of the other substrates in our Digital Substrate binder. With a subtle fabric-like texture, this thin, lightweight substrate is a versatile, flexible choice for interior designers.

GILVER | 61”, 122” wide

With a classic golden sheen combined with a fabric-like texture, this Gilver substrate adds a subtle shine to printed digital images. Because thin lines (in an image or text) may appear blurry, this substrate is best suited for abstract and larger images.

SNOW | 61”, 122” wide

The subtle surface texture is combined with a subtle sheen, giving Snow both a contemporary and classic appeal. Use this in areas with a suitable amount of natural or artificial light in order to take full advantage of its eye-catching appearance.

SPARKLE | 61”, 122” wide

Similar to our Snow substrate, Sparkle is a light gray substrate with a subtle shimmering effect. The subtle texture adds a tactile element to the overall product. Best suited for digital images without thin lines or complex color gradations, Sparkle is an excellent substrate for designers looking for a stylish edge.

prime walls digital substrate binder

Explore Our Extensive Catalogue of Substrates Today!

Prime Wall’s Digital Substrate Guide helps designers realize the full potential of their creative vision. Whether you’re designing for a single residential room or an expansive commercial space, the variety of customization options available means every project can be truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Our binder not only features letter-sized samples of each substrate, but a digitally printed image as well in order to showcase how the image and substrate interacts with each other to create a fully finished product.