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Pantone's Color of the Year 2019 Is...

Posted on December 18 2018

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 is one that is energetic and bubbly. PANTONE 16-1546, otherwise known as “Living Coral,” is a celebration of a color found in nature, mixing together reds, oranges, and pinks to create an unforgettable color that’s bold yet calming at the same time. While Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018, Ultra Violet, emphasized a more mature, mysterious aesthetic, Living Color is all about living in the moment, creating an optimistic playfulness that brightens up any room.


All About Pantone’s Living Coral 2019

In one of our previous articles, The Psychology of Color in Interior Design, we went through the different major colors and how they impact the room and its aesthetics. Living Coral is a combination of different colors, meaning that each color contributes its own emotional impact. At its core, orange provides an eccentric, original, playful aesthetic. It’s not a color that’s often used throughout the space (or at all) because it’s a very energetic color that can become too overwhelming when used in excess. Similar to orange, red is equally evocative in its energy, yet it takes on a mature tone that’s more intimate. The lighter pink helps to balance out the two stronger tones, creating a softer dynamic.


Credit: Pantone Color of the Year 2019



Shop For Living Coral Wallpaper Colors

Designers looking for the latest interior design trends and want to use Living Coral colors in their projects may find that wall décor sites don’t actually list “coral” as one of the main colors. Similar to how most wallpaper sites don’t list “teal,” “magenta,” or “maroon,” coral is one of those “in-between” colors that unfortunately don’t get their own category. Designers who want to search for coral colored wallpaper can look in similar categories, such as pink wallpaper, pastel wallpaper, orange wallpaper, red wallpaper.

Of course, Pantone’s Living Coral is a very specific color. While designers may not find the exact match, there are a variety of coral colored wallpaper that can fit your needs. Let’s take a look at some of them!



Our Top Coral Wallpaper


Small Talk 219290

At its core, Living Coral is a color that is vibrant and full of life. Its playfulness makes it the perfect choice for a kid’s bedroom or playroom. Since it’s such an energetic color, designers may want to balance it out with softer colors, such as beige or white. This first coral colored wallpaper uses the vibrant coral colors in small bursts, creating a more localized insertion of color.


Both of these next patterns can be found in the Loft wallpaper collection. It features a much softer take on coral, with more pink undertones than red. However, it still presents an “in-between” take on colors that make it stand out. This is definitely an excellent option for designers who want to use an on-trend color but want a softer or more muted representation of the color.


Bohemian Persian Rug Wallpaper 218034

Closer to the true color of Pantone’s Living Coral, this Bohemian-inspired print is chock full of intricate details. While the coral color takes center stage, it’s bolstered by the addition of deep purple and light blue, adding a richness to the color palette that gives it a more sophisticated tone.





Nomadics Boheme Wallpaper 17260

Neutral colors have a way of making coral colors pop off the walls. This Nomadics Boheme wallpaper does just that, with a unique take on geometric designs. It doesn’t rely on straight, crisp lines but has a more playful look that’s strengthened by the bold coral color.



Designed for Living Humming Bird Wallpaper 17713

With a stronger beige undertone, this coral wallpaper has a vintage-inspired color scheme that works well with the shades of gray for the imagery. The two create an interesting contrast of colors that add a transformative look to any space.



Dimensions Pink Nested Cubes 219564

If you’re creating a contemporary look, geometric wallpapers are the way to go. These timeless designs add a modern appeal to the space and with this particular coral wallpaper, the 3D effect adds a sense of depth to the walls. With hundreds of cubes spanning across the surface, Nested Cubes is an interesting play on perspective.



Quattro Coral Wallpaper 457037

Last but not least, our list of Living Coral wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t feature a digital mural with coral in it! This digital print has rich colors and crisp photorealistic imagery, bringing it to life. Best used as a feature wall, the orange/red tones really draws attention to itself against the black background.


Incorporating Living Coral Wallpaper In Your Design Projects

Pantone’s Living Coral can be used with other colors to create interesting combinations. For an artistic look, pair coral wallpaper with teal or turquoise. If you’re creating a vintage look, neutral colors such as beige can be a great starting point. We’ve created some color palettes for designers who want some more inspiration!




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