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Soho Underground Boho Beige BB-HU-16



Per Linear Yard (W:51") | Minimum order of 11 yards

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Introducing our Linen Fabric-Back Commercial Wallpaper, a perfect synergy of timeless style and commercial-grade durability. This wallpaper not only replicates the classic charm of linen but also features a fabric-back design, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and resilience in commercial spaces. Crafted with precision, it brings a touch of sophistication to your interior while maintaining durability for high-traffic areas. Ideal for offices, hospitality settings, and retail environments, our Linen Fabric-Back Commercial Wallpaper seamlessly blends elegance with practicality. Elevate your commercial decor with this refined and enduring wallpaper, where the timeless allure of linen meets the strength required for commercial functionality. Redefine your space with sophistication and enduring style.


  • .027 inches
  • Class A Fire Rated / Fire Propagation Class 0
  • BS2872-pass*
  • Pass
  • Water-based environmentally friendly inks; free of cadmium, mercury and ozone depleting chemicals
  • Type II Osnaburg backing
  • Random Match