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Khalili Tora Burnt Orange 65912



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Tiger Chinese Inspired Textured Wallpaper brings a unique and exotic touch to your home. Boasting an intricate tiger design in muted shades of grey, this wallpaper gives any room an elegant look that adds a luxurious quality. Its textured finish further enhances the visual appeal, creating an eye-catching effect that will make you stand out from the crowd. It's perfect for making a bold statement in any space - from entryways to living rooms - and is sure to become a stunning centerpiece in your home. With its timeless design, Tiger Chinese Inspired Textured Wallpaper is sure to be a conversation starter that will be treasured by all who behold it. Transform your walls with this exquisite wallpaper today!


  • L: 1005cm x W: 53cm
Design Match:
  • Straight

  • 64cm
  • Washable
  • Dry strippable
  • Paste the wall