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Aspero Cosy 15590



Per Linear Yard (W:51") | Minimum order of 11 yards

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Herringbone, also named’äÎÌ_fragmented twill weave’äÎÌ_describes a typical V-shaped’äÎÌ_weaving’äÎÌ_design frequently found in’äÎÌ_twill’äÎÌ_fabric. It is distinguished from a simple’äÎÌ_chevron’äÎÌ_style, which makes it be similar to a broken zigzag. The shape is called herringbone because it remind you of the’äÎÌ_skeleton’äÎÌ_of a’äÎÌ_herring’äÎÌ_fish. Herringbone-patterned is one of the most popular pattern used for fabrics and wallcovering.