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Allure Rough-Hewn Grasscloth Wallpaper 215211



Price Per 8 Yard Roll (L:28' x W:28")

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Allure cork, and mica wallcoverings. This collection not only offers you an organic natural look but can also provide other benefits such as sound and heat insulation. Since nature does not offer repetitive and uniform patterns,these mica, grasscloth, and cork wallcoverings are truly one-of-a-kind, each with its own character. Alongside common natural colours, Vista 5 offers metallic colours and tones in bronze, gold, and silver to play with the light conditions of each individual environment. Textile woven grasscloth, small natural mica minerals, roughly cut mica stone, and cork wallpaper with metallic elements define this high-end luxury collection.


  • L: 731.52cm x W: 91cm
Design Match:
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  • Neutral, tone on tone, matte
  • Textures
  • Grasscloth, Natural, Weave, Fiber
  • Rough-Hewn Grasscloth features a loose weave of sisal fibers for a bold, rustic, and casual textile texture.