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Rasch Textile Wallpapers

With an expert touch that defies categorization, Rasch Textil wallpaper collections include stunning designs and bold colors, with many of their stand-out patterns featured on exquisite fabric materials.

Rasch Textil’s Cassata wallpaper collection features vibrant colors, whether it’s the pastel pink and vivid green of a floral wallpaper design or the burnt orange of a damask wallpaper. This collection brings together traditional and modern aesthetics to create an eclectic wallpaper collection that suits every need.

While the imagery of the Comtesse wallpaper collection is steeped in tradition and historical motifs, its colorways offers both neutral and subtle flexibility and contemporary boldness. With this group of wallpapers, Rasch Textil shows that it can make the old new again while making sure that the “old” is still relevant to today’s designers and the spaces they work on.

Pushing the boundaries of wallpaper materials, Rasch Textil’s Seraphine wallpaper collection includes designs printed on unique backings, such as textured paper. The core of this collection focuses on traditional patterns, such as damask wallpaper and floral designs, with a sophisticated touch designed to create an elegant atmosphere.

Another one of Rasch Textil’s wallpaper collection is Indigo, which focuses on bold shapes to create a minimalist, modern look. From geometric wallpaper to floral wallpaper, Indigo patterns emphasize interesting designs that are versatile in its usage.

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