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Backup of Dry Erase Wallcoverings

Introducing WallsIQ, an innovative alternative to traditional wallpaper. This dry erase wallcovering offers the same high-quality properties that regular wallpapers have, but with added features. Turn your walls into an artist's canvas, an inventor’s idea board, an entrepreneur’s workspace – the possibilities are truly endless.

Our dry erase wall coverings offer an added functionality and productivity when compared to traditional chalkboards, whiteboards, and projection screens. A dry erase wallcovering is the perfect solution that blends a clean aesthetic appeal with a practicality that traditional wallpaper is not known to have. With the ability to blend in perfect to existing environments, you are getting the best of both worlds in one product.

At Prime Walls, we offer a variety of durable surfaces to suit your needs. These include clear paint, high-gloss, magnetic, and low-gloss dry erase. What also stands out about dry erase wallcoverings is that there are no size limitations, and it can be placed on flat or curved surfaces. Let your creativity roam free! A dry erase surface offers ample opportunity for boundless brainstorming and is perfect for collaborative teamwork situations in educational, corporate, and commercial settings.