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Customization is an integral part of interior design, and finding the perfect wallcovering can be a difficult, time-consuming task. However, at Prime Walls we’ve made this process easier by sourcing high quality wallpaper designed by talented artists around the world. We’ve even taken it a step farther by offering customization services for our digital prints. Customization allows you to find the perfect fit when creating interior environments. You can customize digital prints in three different ways:

Customize A Prime Walls Image
The first way you can customize is by selecting an existing Prime Walls digital print, which takes the hassle out of finding your own images. Instead, enjoy the convenience of customizing only the most important features to you, such as the scale of the image, how it repeats, and the colors.

Customize Your Own Image
Once confirming that you own the intellectual property for your content, work with our experienced team to create a completely customized digital mural. Bring us your own image and our technical team will review the creation process in order to guarantee the end result is a high-quality product.

Source Image/Custom Artwork Creation
Last but not least, the third way to customize a digital mural is to provide us with your inspiration – what do you have in mind for the space? Send us a few images that convey your vision and we will source an image from our extensive digital archives. In some cases, our creative artists may also be able to create the image from scratch.