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The Best Realistic Faux Effect Wallpaper For Residential Design Projects

Posted on July 31 2018

The Best Realistic Faux Effect Wallpaper For Residential Design Projects

Faux effect wallpaper is a stylish category that’s a major hit with interior designers. With its modern look that mimics real life materials – such as wood, brick, concrete, and more – faux effect wallpapers are a budget-friendly alternative that offers photorealistic imagery. In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the best realistic faux effect wallpaper for residential design projects! From bathrooms and dens to kitchens and powder rooms, faux effect patterns are not only on-trend, but are versatile in its usage.

Rivièra Maison Driftwood 18290

First up is an absolute stunner! With a traditional rustic appeal, this wood wallpaper is shown above in a warm brown and beige color scheme. With many faux effect wallpapers, it’s the small details that truly bring the wallpaper to life. The photorealistic nature of the pattern is thanks to details such as faux “scratch” marks, creating a textured or raised look, and the use of color to create realism. Driftwood, one of the stylish patterns in the Rivièra Maison wallpaper collection, is a very classic take on wood patterns. While many of the faux effect wallpapers we see on the market today have a contemporary or modern appeal, a lot of the wood patterns have a more traditional or cozy style that makes it perfect for use as bedroom, living room, or kitchen wallpaper.

Precious Elements Weathered Plaster Wallpaper NH30704

While wood, brick, and concrete are the three most popular and prominent faux effect wallpaper styles, wallpaper designers are broadening their scope and adding other real life materials to the mix. One example is this pastel blue wallpaper from the Precious Elements wallpaper collection. Plaster wallpaper patterns have a rough, artistic look that really stands out. It’s a creative visual style that’s definitely more on the contemporary side than the traditional or classic. Thanks to its usage of shadowing and texture, the pattern itself has a sense of depth, making it look like the edges are really peeling! Use this unique pattern in spaces such as a powder room, home office, or dining room to create an original look.

Precious Elements Weathered Stone Wallpaper NH30307

While stone is more of a niche pattern compared to the ultra-popular brick, stone offers a more classic appeal that makes it an excellent choice for spaces such as the dining room, living room, and even hallway. Another faux effect wallpaper from the Precious Elements wallpaper collection, the neutral color tones of this particular Weathered Stone wallpaper make it a versatile choice for pre-established interior spaces. The level of detail and careful attention to creating a lifelike wallpaper brings the stone to life.

Splendour Brick Wall Wallpaper SD3703

For a more contemporary take on the brick wallpaper design, the Splendour wallpaper collection includes this interesting take on the popular faux pattern. It’s flatter in appearance with a “painted” surface that gives it a more monochromatic look. The smoothness of the finish is in stark contract with the typically rough, weathered look of traditional brick. A perfect fit for smaller spaces, such as a den or powder room, this brick wallpaper’s charcoal gray color gives it a modern touch that will complement both darker and lighter color schemes.

Cosmopolitan Tufted Leather Wallpaper 576207

Faux effect wallpaper usually features a few surprises that will catch any interior designer’s eye. Wood or brick are the most popular, but niche patterns provide a different aesthetic perfect for certain residential design projects. Leather is one of the up and coming faux effect wallpaper styles that we think lends itself well to spaces such as the dining room and bedroom. It has a luxurious look that’s accented with “stitched” buttons to create a sense of depth and an added layer of detail.

More Than Elements Rind Wallpaper 49760

Faux effect wallpapers have an intriguing look that will completely transform the space. Whether it veers more towards traditional or classic, or modern and contemporary, the look and feel of faux effect patterns makes it an excellent choice for residential spaces that require some character and personality. The More Than Elements wallpaper collection has this interesting faux effect design that is definitely on the modern side. It has a very rustic look that’s accentuated with multiple layers of detail and color..

Caravaggio Buffer Wallpaper 46821

Speaking of interesting patterns, interior designers looking to go out-of-the-box can consider this interesting wallpaper. Buffer mimics the look of fabric, giving the atmosphere a cozy warmth compared to other faux effects, such as concrete or plaster. The folded edges also give it a sense of depth or 3D effect, making it “pop” off the walls. This particular wallpaper also falls into the geometric category thanks to the repeating square shapes. It’s a creative look that works well for spaces such as the living room, powder room, and lobby.

Our last faux effect wallpaper pick comes from the Modern Motifs wallpaper collection. It’s a wood design in a herringbone pattern that gives it a stylish finish. The different colors work together to give it a dynamic look that’s accentuated by the “arrow” shape moving vertically. The linearity of the design makes it perfect for smaller or oddly shaped rooms thanks to the illusionary effect of creating “taller” walls.


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