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Featured Wallpaper Collection: Dimensions

Posted on November 15 2018

Interior designers will definitely want to check out one of Prime Wall’s newest wallpaper collections. Dimensions features a group of wallpaper patterns that combines an effortless elegance with unique contemporary aesthetics, creating an unforgettable blend that will transform any residential space. The main themes of Dimensions are geometric, floral, and textures. As you explore the wallpaper collection, keep an eye out on how these themes are used together, resulting in eye-catching combinations that are absolutely stunning.


First, let’s start our list with Dimension’s jaw dropping centerpiece – the Tropical Tessellation pattern. Combining a geometric overlay with nature-themed imagery, this creative residential wallpaper works throughout the space or it can be used as a single feature wall. Interior designers can choose between a warm taupe color scheme (pictured above), green, beige, or blue. Regardless of which colorway designers go with, each one features rich colors that blend together perfectly. The gradient effect adds a dynamic visual look to the space, infusing the room with a contemporary energy.

The use of the hexagonal shapes as “frames” for the leaves adds a unique layer of interest that makes it stand out from both geometric wallpaper and floral wallpaper alike. Many floral prints emphasize a more classical or traditional look, while geometric wallpapers are typically modern in its approach. By combining the two together, the floral theme takes on a more contemporary appeal.


This next pattern also features a combination of different wallpaper themes, this time combining an overlapping geometric overlay on top of a textured background that mimics grasscloth. The Overlaid Faux Grasscloth pattern is available in several colors, ranging from neutral tones like gray, beige, and white to more dynamic colors, like green and blue (pictured above). While grasscloth and natural wallpaper have more limited applications due to the nature of its more fragile materials, this doesn’t mean designers can’t add the look and feel of grasscloth to their projects. This wallpaper smoothly combines contemporary geometric aesthetics with a more natural traditional look of grasscloth, resulting in a timeless pattern that is sure to please.


The Dimensions wallpaper collection also offers pure contemporary themed wallpapers, such as the Nested Cubes pattern shown above. Available in three colors – white, pink, and black – this fully modern design combines hexagons with cubes to create a three dimensional effect that adds life to the space. As designers may have noticed, hexagons are a running theme in this collection. As with many geometric wallpapers, this one is both flexible and versatile and designers can use the pattern throughout the room or as a complimentary wallpaper to an existing feature wall.


Next up, we’ll be staying with hexagons and the geometric theme. While the color palette for each of the Shimmering Mosaic Tiles patterns is simple, the usage of different shades means there’s an added element of visual interest. Available in 10 colors, the different colors give the geometric design a sense of movement and dynamic energy. It makes your eyes wander across the surface, never settling on any particular area. Perfect for small spaces, such as a powder room or den, this contemporary wallpaper is an example of “less is more,” showcasing the power of a minimalist design.


Linked Geometrics is yet another wallpaper in the Dimensions collection that showcases its contemporary aesthetics. This time, instead of the flat 2D geometric arrangement of Shimmering Mosaic Tiles, we have a 3D take on – you guessed it – the hexagonal shape. The simplicity of the design adds to its modern aesthetics. From the multi-colored faded lines to the two-toned background, Linked Geometrics conveys a strong use of color to create a bold visual effect, such as this gold and navy combination or this trendy rose gold color.


Returning to floral wallpaper, Tropical Silhouettes is available in seven colors. Another major theme in the Dimensions wallpaper collection is the use of muted or more subtle colors rather than anything vibrant or bright. The overall color scheme evokes a sense of sophistication, elegance, and maturity. With this nature-themed pattern, palm leaves are scattered across the surface, some parts of which are blurred to create a softening visual effect. It’s a relaxed look that adds a casual aesthetic to the space.



This next pattern in the Dimensions wallpaper collection is quite similar to the previous one. Available in four colors, Misty Needle Palm Leaves has a more opaque aesthetic, blurring the leaves even further. Designers can consider mixing and matching the two patterns to create a dynamic look, such as using Tropical Silhouettes as a feature wall and complimenting it with Misty Needle Palm Leaves in a similar color.


The Dimensions wallpaper collection also features more versatile plain wallpaper. Available in six colors, Tight Weave is a plain textured wallpaper that mimics the look and feel of woven fabric. Similar to the faux grasscloth wallpaper discussed earlier, designers can opt to use this textured wallpaper in place of real fabric wallpaper in areas not suitable for more fragile materials.


Another textured wallpaper is Faux Grasscloth, available in seven colors. With vertical layers of rich colors that add life to the space, this wallpaper pattern has a transitional look that’s easy to use. The colors were chosen specifically to match with the large-scale designs in the collection, making this particular pattern an excellent option for use as a complementary wallpaper.


Last but not least, similar to Faux Grasscloth, Soft Striated Stripes is a pattern that emphasizes a vertical sense of movement while employing a simple color palette. Whereas the previous wallpaper design emphasized a more textured and tactile appearance, this one focuses more on the use of different colors to create a gradient look. Available in three colors, Soft Striated Stripes features a more modern finish that’s equally versatile.

Explore the Dimensions Wallpaper Collection Today!

Overall, the Dimensions wallpaper collection is one that emphasizes combination, whether it’s a geometric print with floral imagery, or a modern overlay on a textured background. With a sophisticated maturity that’s perfect for the modern home, color usage in this collection favors darker tones, such as forest green, dark gray, and navy blue, but there are some splashes of lighter colors, such as sky blue and pink. Designers looking to create a contemporary aesthetic that uses bold imagery and elegant finishes should explore this collection! Don’t forget that Prime Walls also offers Dimensions in the form of a wallpaper book, the perfect way to showcase the entire wallpaper collection to your clients.


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