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Featured Wallpaper Collection: Casual

Posted on December 11 2018



The Casual wallpaper collection, as its name implies, features easy-to-use patterns in versatile yet stylish colorways. It features recognizable patterns but gives them a bit of a stylistic twist, resulting in designs that are contemporary in its approach but traditional in its theming. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Casual wallpaper collection, the patterns it features, and why designers should be using these products in their next residential project.

Unlike many other wallpaper collections in our catalog, the Casual wallpaper collection is quite small in comparison. However, what it lacks in quantity it definitely makes up in quality. The designs are nuanced, with details that add an artistic flair to create wallpaper patterns that are truly eye-catching.



Wheat Eclectic Textured Stripe 30447

Textured stripe is one such example of a pattern that designers are familiar with. While striped wallpaper is nothing new, the Casual wallpaper collection gives it enough of a twist that makes it look fresh and exciting. It’s a celebration of different patterns and textures all placed next to each other, reinforcing one another. Rows of dots, watercolor textures, and more; each individual “stripe” features a different design that captures our attention. Some stripes have a vertical alignment, while others have a horizontal one. Featured above in a brown-pastel color scheme, this pattern is also available in beige and teal.



Metallic Green & Gold Graphic Monstera Leaves 30434

The colorways of the Casual wallpaper collection emphasizes a mature tone, both in how color is portrayed and the types of colors available. As the collection’s namesake implies, the colors have a relaxed quality about them, whether it’s the deep greens of the nature-themed wallpaper featured above or pastel takes on beige, brown, and peach. Graphic Monstera Leaves is the standout wallpaper pattern in the collection with its dense layer of large-scale leaves. It’s one of the more complex designs, offering up a stylized rendering that puts it firmly in the modern wallpaper category.



Tan Irregular Plaid Stripes 30441

When designers explore the Casual wallpaper collection, take note of the versatility of the patterns. Whether used on all walls or as a complementary pattern to a feature wall, Casual wallpaper can do it all. Take Irregular Plaid Stripes as an example. Featured above in a neutral beige color scheme, this showcases how wallpapers in this collection take the ordinary and gives it an artistic overhaul, creating something a bit different. Everything from the different sizes of the squares to the shaky lines comes together to create a wallpaper pattern that stands out.



Grey Realistic Fabric Grid 30413

You may have noticed after seeing these examples that Casual wallpapers have a very textured look. It adds a sense of depth and character to the design, making them “pop” off the walls. The same can be said with Realistic Fabric Grid, which has a weathered yet (dare we say it?) casual look. It’s plain and detailed, nuanced and minimalist in its approach, yet almost playful and eccentric in its results. It’s a geometric wallpaper but one that doesn’t emphasize fine, crisp lines or symmetry but rather, it has a hand-drawn look that gives it a different type of appeal.



Grey Flame Stripe 30403

Last but definitely not least, Flame Stripe is another take on the striped wallpaper design, but this one is even more of a stylized design than the first wallpaper we featured. Mimicking zebra stripes, there’s the addition of rows of small dots, which again, works to reinforce a textured aesthetic. The tactile element of the Casual wallpaper collection can’t be understated because it’s an element that brings the designs to life. Another theme that’s at play in the Casual wallpaper collection is the usage of straight lines versus curvy lines, and Flame Stripe falls into the latter category. It’s much different than the rigid Fabric Grid from before, providing a sense of fluid motion to the walls.



Where to use designs from the Casual Wallpaper Collection?

While the Casual wallpaper collection features a limited number of designs and colors, don’t make the mistake that the uses for these patterns are also limited. In terms of imagery, the three major categories featured in this collection – stripes, geometric, and floral – are all quite versatile in themselves. These patterns are no different. Graphic Monstera Leaves, the highlight of the collection in terms of imagery, can serve as a featured wall or it can be used throughout the entire space. The rest of the patterns featured can be used as complementary wallpaper or throughout the entire room as well.





The relaxed, artistic nature of the designs allow it to be used in a variety of rooms, but we think Casual wallpaper works best in spaces such as the living room, dining room, and bedroom. These patterns are a perfect blend between details and minimalist, and maturity and playfulness. The majority of the colors are on the lighter side, making it suitable for usage even in smaller spaces or rooms with less natural lighting. In terms of imagery, the focus of this collection isn’t on large-scale imagery (besides from the leaf pattern mentioned above), so designers who are looking to decorate a small room, such as a powder room, can use patterns such as Realistic Fabric Grind to create a balanced aesthetic.

Overall, the Casual wallpaper collection offers interesting patterns that provide artistic “updates” on traditional wallpaper designs, such as stripes. While not a very large collection in terms of the number of patterns and colors included, designers can nonetheless find flexible patterns that add an on-trend contemporary look.


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