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Combining Wallpaper, Digital Murals, & Dry Erase Wallcoverings

Posted on December 10 2018


At Prime Walls, we offer three specific types of wall décor products, each with their own unique benefits. Whether your next design project is for a residential or commercial setting, mixing and matching different wall products together can create a one-of-a-kind look that sets the space apart. In this article, we’ll be taking a quick look at each wall product type, its benefits, and give you some examples of how you can combine these products together to create unforgettable styles!


1. Residential Wallpaper and Contract Wallcoverings

Whether you’re decorating a home or commercial space, both our residential wallpaper and contract wallcoverings offer designers peace of mind in terms of style, budget-friendly prices, and high-grade quality. Of the three wall products, these traditional wallpapers are more diverse in its imagery, ranging from large-scale designs to minimalist textured aesthetics. This makes wallpaper/wallcoverings extremely versatile when it comes to mixing and matching.


2. Digital Print Wallcoverings

For designers who want complete control over the wallpaper image, digital wallpaper murals is the way to go. With the most customizable options of the three wall products, digital prints allow designers to edit things such as image scale, color, adding text, and more. Our catalog of digital print images is vast, but we also encourage designers to bring their own images for projects that require a more custom look. Best used as a feature wall, this makes digital print wallcoverings easy to mix and match with other wall products.



3. Dry Erase Wallcoverings

The third and final wall product offered at Prime Walls is dry erase wallcoverings, which is completely on the side of functionality. It transforms the wall into a writable surface, making it versatile for a variety of usages. It’s available in a white color and as we all know, neutral colors are more straightforward when it comes to mixing and matching different products.


How To Mix and Match Wallpaper/Wallcoverings, Digital Murals, and Dry Erase

First, less is more. Designers shouldn’t try to use all three categories, but select two that they feel brings the most to the table. For example, if you want to focus on adding grandiose visuals that will transform the space, having a feature wall with a digital mural and using wallcoverings on the other walls is the best approach. On the other hand, if you want to create a versatile environment that balances work and play, pairing the functional dry erase wallcoverings with vibrant wallpaper is always an option.


Examples of some wall décor combinations!

Part of the fun of designing a space is coming up with unique combinations for yourself, but we’ve taken a look through our extensive catalog and put together some interesting pairings. Take a look!


Let’s first look at one of the easiest ways to mix and match wall décor products: creating a feature wall and complementing that with other wallpaper. Whether you’re using a digital wallpaper or traditional wallpaper as your feature wall, you’ll want to pair it with a complementary product that makes the main pattern stand out even more. Our first example pairs a stunning marble digital mural, Natural Beauty, with our special Walls IQ Dry Erase Magnetic wallcovering. Balancing three functional dry erase surfaces with the vibrant full image on the featured wall, designers can use this set-up for spaces such as business offices, home offices, and educational settings. The magnetic dry erase adds another element of convenience and functionality that makes this pairing stylish and a conduit for productivity!

Our dry erase products can also be used for fun and entertainment as well, not just for brainstorming and work. The Walls IQ Dry Erase Low Gloss wallcovering is perfect for use with projection devices, turning a wall into a screen for movies, video games, and more. For corporate spaces, it can be used as a backdrop for PowerPoint presentations during meetings. To compliment the dry erase wall, we’ve paired it with contemporary geometric wallpaper that features a tie-dye aesthetic, evoking a retro vibe. The soft color scheme adds a subtle burst of color that’s both playful and minimalist.

Dry erase wallcovering products provide additional functionality to the space but for projects where additional writing space isn’t needed, designers can opt to mix and match residential wallpaper/contract wallcoverings and digital murals instead. While not as functional as a dry erase wallcovering, this pairing provides a more unified look in terms of color and theming. For example, consider our next pairing of Overgrowth and Neutral Concrete. The vibrant freshness of the green digital mural works nicely with the warmth of the brown textures wallpaper, combining to create an organic, naturalistic appeal. It imbues the space with a cozy aesthetic.

Designers can definitely pair wallpaper with other wallpaper as well. If you’re creating a featured wall, similar principles apply, such as choosing one main wallpaper design that’s large-scale and pairing it with complementary patterns. However, designers can also get creative and choose similar wallpaper styles in order to create an out-of-the-box look. Consider our Stylized Leaf wallpaper design above in black and white. With these wallpaper styles, designers have a lot of freedom as to how they want to use the pattern throughout the space. You can use the black wallpaper as the featured wall and the white pattern on the rest of the walls. Designers can also use the white wallpaper on two of the walls and the black wallpaper on the other two.

What mixing and matching wall products can do for your space

Ultimately, designers should mix and match different wall décor products because they want to create a unique space. Whether you’re mixing wallpapers and digital murals for a creative visual look or wallcoverings with dry erase for a versatile and functional room, wall décor products have never been easier to incorporate into residential or commercial design projects!


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