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5 Versatile Contract Wallcovering Patterns

Posted on November 15 2018

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at five contract wallcovering patterns that are not only flexible but versatile as well. From restaurants to hospitals, versatile contract wallcoverings are the perfect choice for any commercial design project. Whether you’re starting fresh from the ground up or need an adaptable wallcovering to slip into a pre-designed space, here are our top five contract wallcovering picks!


1. Alhambra



Available in 16 diverse colors, Alhambra is one contract wallcovering pattern that definitely fits the bill of being both versatile and flexible. With the majority of the colors being neutral, such as brown, beige, and white, this wallpaper is easy to use and can be easily fitted into pre-existing spaces where the color scheme has already been established. The Alhambra contract wallcovering series features a linear design that can be distinguished when viewing the pattern up close. The verticality of this pattern can be seen in the strips that make up the wallpaper, which contrasts with the circular shapes framed within each strip.


2. Ease



For designers who want to keep things simple but want to use durable wallcoverings instead of paint, Ease is the perfect choice. Available in a whopping 30 different colors, there is something here for any project. Your neutral colors are all covered but other color options include pale pink, lilac, teal, maroon, and various shades of blue. Ease features a very subtle textured pattern, making it an excellent choice for spaces where designers want to add a splash of color but not necessarily something bold in terms of imagery.


3. Colosseum



With a compact geometric pattern, Collosseum has a transitional theme that captures a contemporary flair with a traditional approach. This flexible method of design allows it to be used in spaces where designers are creating either a modern aesthetic or a more classical one. Each individual square features edges with a slightly raised surface, adding to the overall textured look. Since a textured surface can add a sense of character and personality to the space, textured or plain contract wallcoverings can do more with less. It’s available in 16 colors, ranging from very light gray and white to deep brown and black.


4. Cortica



Another contract wallcovering that toes the line between contemporary and traditional, Cortica is a versatile cork pattern that has a minimalist yet luxurious look. It’s available in 14 colors that emphasize a more natural or organic aesthetic, such as dark brown, burnt orange, and gray. Depending on which color variation designers choose, some of the wallcoverings feature a very subtle metallic accents that adds a slight sheen to the surface. Most of the wallcoverings have black accents that add randomized look to the surface.


5. Metropol Parasol




Last but not least, Metropol Parasol is a unique blend of textures and faux effect imagery, mixing the two themes together to create an eye-catching wallcovering that adds an on-trend look to the space. It’s available in 12 different colors that emphasize light earthy tones, such as brown, beige, and taupe. Designers who want to create an organic aesthetic will want to consider this pattern as the color palettes work to create a relaxed, casual appearance. It features a light textured finish across the entire pattern, giving it a subtle tactile feel that brings the design to life.


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